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   When we talk about the Anointing we could really spend a several days, but in this teaching....

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   There are several keys to unlocking your or receiving your Healing, I'd like to take this opportunity to discuss a few....

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   When can a Revival be expected? This is a good question isn't it. Revival comes....

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*Order Now "The Spirit"                                         Dear Friend, The Bible tells us that the Holy Spirit is our Teacher and Comforter among many other things. He is the one who performs Godís Word in our liveís. He is a Person in whom we all should get to know intimately! It is my sincerest desire, that as you read this book you will develop a deep relationship with the Holy Spirit. Understand who He is. How to cooperate with Him. How to hear His voice and understand His giftings and warnings. The Holy Spirit is someone you can get to know. I believe at the end of this book, you will have a much closer relationship with the Holy Spirit than you have ever had before. May He give you deep insight as you discover what He has for your your life.

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"123 Get's You your Destiny"                              
We all love to hear what our assignment and our destiny is that God has for us on this earth. Marie Myers shares with you three teachings to help you determine your focus and redirect your attention back to the most important instruction. This is personal revival.

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   "Understanding The Anointing"                          

There are principals to operating in the power of God. In this three CD teaching album. Rev. Myers shares with you. *What the anointing is. *How to yield to the anointing. *How to receive and transfer the anointing.

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"Revival The Last Call"

In this book Dr. Myers shares with you important key's to obtaining and maintaining revival in your life.The church and the believer needs to be frequently revived. Without the times of refreshing from the presence of the Lord a believer can become complacent and cold in their walk with God. Revival brings a renewed passion for God. This book will prepare you for the last coming revival before Jesus returns.                 

"Flowing In The Anointing"                                 

In this book Dr. Myers shows you important key's to operating in the power of God.                               

*You will discover what the anointing is.                   *How to know you are anointed.                             

*How to transfer and receive the anointing.            *How to here the voice of the Holy Spirit and discover your God given authority as a believer.


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