Rev. Marie Myers

  Rev. Marie Myers graduated from 
 RHEMA Bible Training Center in
 1997, with her senior-year focus on 
 Missions. She is currently enrolled
 in the Graduate Program at Life 
 Christian University in Tampa, FL, 
 earning her Masters Degree in 
  Rev. Myers has traveled
 extensively with her husband,
 Evangelist, Dr. Jack Myers, since
 1993.  She coordinates their over-
 seas Crusades, as well as teaches
 nationally and internationally in the
 pulpit, group settings and women's
  Rev. Myers also places Life
 Christian University Extension
 Campuses in the local church for
 accredited continuing education for
 the believer.
 Marie is an Ordained Minister with Life Christian University in Tampa, Fl.

                            Missionary / Teacher

  Rev. Marie Myers brings a unique opportunity to the pastors of  local 
 churches. Combining her extensive secular business and management
 knowledge with her in-depth studies of personality types and their
 positions both in the workplace and in the Body of Christ, she centers her
 teachings in areas which undergird and uplift the local Pastor and his wife. 
  Rev. Myers' main focus is to help the local Body elevate their Pastor and
 his wife to their proper place through vital teachings on Authority,
 Respect, Honor, Tithing, Relationships, Soul-winning, Missions, Destiny
 and the importance of The Ministry of Helps.
  Additionally, Rev. Myers combines Bible truths and doctrines with a
 business management tool used to discover and delve into the various
 personality types. Using this more definitive combination, Rev. Myers
 helps local church staff and congregation members find (and use) their
 gifts and talents, as well as to promote "The Love Walk" both within the
 local body and out into the Marketplace. Rev. Myers also spends quality
 time in the church's office with the Pastor and his staff.  She assesses both
 system / process issues and staff issues for the Pastor, as well as discusses
 how the Pastor can market his church in a more dynamic way.
 Conference: That Which Is Within...
This progressive conference offers intense insights into relationships, associations and personal improvement.  You will be able to understand yourself and others better by appreciating different personality types.  This presentation offers a great deal of information that is interactive and participatory, helping you to become all that God designed you to be, in a fun fast paced positive and energetic environment.  You will be able to facilitate better communication and leadership skills with all people which will improve your family relationships, along with interpersonal and work/ministry related associations.  Feel free to contact me with any questions.  God speed!
Dr. Jack & Rev. Marie Myers were presented with a Key to the City
from Mayor Ray Baker of Fort Smith, AR.